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Operational management and logistic

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    Curso online Student Centered

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Toda la información que se presenta sobre este curso online, al igual que su contenido, se encuentra íntegramente en inglés. Es conveniente que los estudiantes interesados en el curso tengan un buen conocimiento de esta lengua.

The current market competitiveness forces the companies to distinguish themselves by the qualification of their human capital, and their clients satisfaction degree. This s solid preparation in diverse fields with which a significant competitive position can be achieved.

Therefore, companies believe it's crucial that the Management is exercised by professionals with excellent skills in business management such as human resources, marketing, strategic direction, commerce, information systems, finance, etc.

IMF is specialised in developing and teaching courses in all fields of business management, providing the necessary experience to run this MBA all core business areas are carefully studied.

Graduates will be prepared to hold executive positions at international companies. Furthermore, along the course students will be able to start their teachers and alumni networking as an essential component in their career.

• Curso Online


  • MBA, Empresariales y Económicas
  • Online
  • Online:
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  • Professionals who would like to develop or increase their operations management and logistic skills, improve their position internationally and acquire the requisite tools to apply their academic expertise in English.

  • No specific degree is d.
  • 80 horas
  • Online / A distancia


1.Know the whole of scientific tools to improve the efficiency, cost, quality and time related to the product manufacturing and services.

2. Develop good operations strategy as key point to provide benefits and improve the productivity.

3. Understand that the Operational Management is closely involved to the organization strategy. 

PROGRAMA DE Operational management and logistic


Operations management and strategic decisions


Operations decisions: planning production to meet demand


Control decisions: planning and controlling operations for productivity, quality and reliability




IMF offers free access to consultations. They will be personalised and permanently attended by a specialised tutor via phone, e-mail or face to face.

Both distance learning and E-learning are available. The former mode provides up-to-date textbooks with strict technical-related criteria. They are easily understandable and have a clear practical approach. 

The latter mode, on the other hand, provides free access to the Virtual Campus students can check and download all materials, have access to the laws, do the activities, etc.

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Alumni are d to submit midterm or modular tests in order to get their marks.  Once passed, they will receive a certificate that proves that they have successfully completed the aims of the educational programme.

In other cases, the certificate will be obtained after an exam on site.

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IMF Business School ofrece el servicio para gestionar la Apostilla de la Haya sobre tu título. Este sello certifica la autenticidad de la firma del mismo, reconociéndolo en cualquier país del Convenio de la Haya de 5 de octubre de 1961, sin necesidad de cualquier otra autenticación.

El coste de este servicio es de 230€ por cada título. Si deseas matricularte como nuevo alumno en IMF Business School, puedes solicitar este servicio durante el proceso de matriculación. Si eres antiguo alumno de la escuela, o estás estudiando actualmente con nosotros, y no has solicitado anteriormente la apostilla de tu título, contacta con nosotros en el 900 31 81 11 (+34 913645157 desde fuera de España) y te informaremos.

The faculty members are professionals in the labour market as well as in the academic field. They know how to deliver all their expertise and knowledge with real world examples and problem solving in Business Administration.

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